Thursday, January 13, 2011

Brief interruption to discuss the Sabbath

I am interrupting my journey through Isaiah and his writings on Babylon to write about something that I just learned. If you follow my blog, you know that progressively as we reached Revelation, I kept talking more and more about the Sabbath day and observing it versus worshiping God on Sunday. As some quick background, God started talking to me about this a good fifteen years ago, and it took until I reached a passage in Revelation this past spring/summer for it to dawn on me why God was trying to get through to me on this. I came to realize that those who actually make it through all the judgments to the rapture have something different from other Christians who were martyred, and that was that they are observing their worship of God in a Messianic way instead of a paganized way. They keep the Sabbath. Rev. 14:12 " Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus."  I have covered this before, and have pointed out that God says Gentiles are not to try to become Jews, (however they are not forbidden to practice Jewish customs such as observing the feasts of God). We are not required to eat kosher, and the civil and health laws are not really applicable in many cases these days. Those things which can still apply (like not getting tattoos) we still should observe, because it is good to show God our love by doing (or not doing) those things He would like us to do (or not do). The one thing that is mandatory though is observing the Ten Commandments (If you love me you will keep my commandments) and keeping the Sabbath is one of them. Because when God gave that commandment He said to work six days and rest on the seventh, I never thought that it should be an issue to insist that other Christians move from Sunday to the Saturday, if they did not feel led by the Lord, as God did not seem to specify the actual seventh day of the week, but that it seemed more of a case of it being one day out of seven. Since many Christians have to work jobs that require them to take their days off during the week, I thought that as long as they observed one day of rest out of the seven they were good. Now I am not so sure.

I had an opportunity to hear the testimony of a man who had been involved in the Illuminati, and apparently pretty high up, as he was at the level where people interacted directly with Satan himself. What this man said about the things that they were doing is all things that I have heard before and the Scriptures agree in many cases with what he said. Then he said something that came as a surprise. To digress a moment, I was, a short time ago, given a book by the Seventh Day Adventists which said that worshiping on Sunday was the mark of the beast. Now, as I do not agree with their theology (except they are right about the Sabbath) and I believe the mark of the beast is something else, I dismissed the concept. I still do not think it is the "mark", as that is something you wear on your head or hand. However, after listening to this man's valuable information I became much more concerned about the church's Sunday worship.

By now, if following my blog, you should know that I have said that Satan is most likely the angel who oversees our sun. This is why he is so big on sun worship, and one of the reasons why he is called the light-bearer, as well as the prince and power of the air. (There are other reasons also). Sunday was co-opted by Satan in competition with God to use as his worship day. When Constantine paganized the church in order to unite his empire, he moved the worship day (Christians had been observing Saturday as the Sabbath until then) to Sunday. Satan loved this, as now all the Christians were worshiping him on his day, not God's day. According to this man, Satan told his Illuminati followers that when they finally have a one world government in place, he will have them or the antichrist make a law that demands that all people worship on Sunday, as no matter their beliefs, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, whatever, if they worship on Sunday they are worshiping him. Knowing how Satan corrupts everything does this come as a surprise? God's day is the day His people have worshiped him for thousands of years and that day is Saturday. While I wanted to think that we had the freedom to move the day to fit the schedule we have, I now think I may have been too liberal on that front. I think if you don't care about the Sabbath, neither will God worry about arranging your schedule to accommodate it, as He will not force His will on us. However, if you have come to the decision to keep the Sabbath holy, God will change your life to accommodate your new commitment to Him. I can say this, because since realizing that our family needs to change to a Saturday Sabbath, God changed my husband's schedule so that he now has Saturdays off, which he has not had for many years. To arrange this, God had to promote him rapidly through the ranks at his job. He has set a record, more or less, for rapid promotions there. As there were others who had much more seniority, this was clearly God working on our behalf. So I now tend to believe that it is important to not only keep the Sabbath holy, but to keep it on Saturday as originally designated for Israel. Obviously this is a personal matter, and many will disagree, but I do believe it is the dividing line between who has a chance to make it to the rapture, and who does not, based on what I discovered in Revelation. It is your choice.

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  1. Connie,
    Yes, the Sabbath is on the seventh day, but is Saturday (Solar Calendar) the seventh day according to the Biblical calculation (Lunar Calendar) of years and days?
    Here is a nice topic for your next controversy:
    The Sabbath, do we use the "Solar Calendar" or the "Luni Solar Calendar"?

  2. I can´t find a way to contact you. I´d like to share some audios with you that I recorded, which is somewhat a testimony of things that I have first hand witnessed, mixed with some general observation of what´s going on. If you want to, I can send you a cd. andrebentrup at

  3. you are forgetting that Paul said that all these considerations are fulfilled there fore set aside in Christ, as Christ said He came to fulfill the Law and it would not be set aside UNTIL fulfilled (which of course indicates it would be set aside after that).
    change of priesthood change of law, Paul says in Hebrews.

    Standard Sunday worship is based on it not being a Sabbath, but the Day the Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead, and Acts and I or II Corinthians references this. the testimony of the Christian writers of the second and third centuries (100s and 200s) is of Sunday worship. (also of taking literally what Christ said about the bread and wine being His Body and Blood, which in John chapter 6 He speaks of, and the idea of eating His flesh turned some off and they left Him, but NEVER does He qualify the statement.

    There is an underlying gnostic presupposition of the unworthiness of matter in anti sacramentalism.