Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mike Hoggard - Are His Teachings Scriptural?

For those who have read this blog from early on, or read the side bars, you know that I run a second blog on topical issues that are controversial or are questions that people have about the Bible. Sometimes I will put those articles on this blog (as not everybody crosses over and reads the other blog), as the articles are pertinent to both sites.  To that end, I felt that I should post a link to my articles on Mike Hoggard on this blog.  The reason for doing this is because I have had so many hits on those articles that even though they have only been up a couple of months, they have surpassed every other article I have put there, even though some have been up a few years.  Obviously people want to know whether Mike Hoggard is to be trusted or not, as he does have some very strange theories on things.

I have three separate articles on Mike.  The first (whose link is posted below) is just a general overview.  The second is about his King James Code, and the third is about how he utilizes brainwashing methods in his preaching, (whether he knows it or not).  In the articles there are also links to other blog posts I have written about things he references, such as the King James only controversy, were the Sons of God in Genesis really angels, and a few others.  If you question my stand on the issues mentioned, then I would suggest going to those links and seeing why I take the stand I do.  Someone quit reading my article on Hoggard halfway through merely because they disagreed with one of my stands on an issue, although he did not disagree with the other things I said about Hoggard.  Before dismissing something, it is a good thing to really check out why the person believes it, as believe it or not, you may be wrong.  I have been forced to change my views on many things over the years as I really studied the Bible.  I learned that I should not have just trusted what someone said (the beliefs I was taught as a child) without a really good Scriptural defense, and that I should consider what someone else has said, but as a Berean checking all the scriptures on the issue.

If you have not done the research yourself on the views you hold (instead of just trusting you were taught the truth or accepting that the scriptures they use are all that the Bible has to say on the subject), you should really take the time to do so.  You may be forced to change your views, if you want truth rather than clinging to the theology with which you were raised.  Satan has gone to great lengths to make sure that every theology has some truth and some lies, so that we would never have all the truth.  It is our job to ferret out the lies and abandon them, even when it is difficult and painful.  It is also our job to take everything that someone says and be a Berean, going to the Scriptures and checking everything they say to make sure they aren't just picking and choosing the verses they like and ignoring the rest.  So, for your consideration, I give you my research on Mike Hoggard. It is not exhaustive, as I can't listen to everything he has ever preached, so there may be much more than I have there, but it should be enough to give you an idea of whether you want to listen to everything he says without question.  Oh, and just for the record, yes, I do want you to check everything I write against the Scriptures too.  I am not afraid of the examination. 

Embedded at the bottom of the article below are links to the other two Hoggard articles - the one on the KJV code, and the other on brainwashing techniques.  Each article has a link back to the other two articles at the bottom, should you want to go back and forth between them.