Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Revelation 13:18

Verse 18 "Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred three-score and six."

Here is the big verse over which everyone debates, haggles, and speculates. I do not pretend to have the required wisdom to decipher what is meant here other than to take it literally. It says that 666 is the beast's number and the number of his name. If one does research, it can be found that the number 666 has been incorporated into more things than imaginable. This in and of itself is a rather extensive study. It is generally not overt, being most often stylized, but it is everywhere. If one starts looking with an eye to see, one sees it every place one looks. It is a number the Illuminati (and other groups and subsidiaries of their long-reaching tentacles) likes to use as a mockery. Is it that God assigned this number 666 to antichrist and they, thinking that God assigned it, adopted it out of derision, or is it that God saw that they would use the number 666, as the number has deep occultic meanings, and He merely let us know that whenever and wherever we see the number, we should realize that it is the antichrist system at work? It is like the old question, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" In that case, I do know the answer - the chicken, obviously, as God created things full grown. In this case it is not so obvious. Prophecy is not always about God telling us how things will go because He is actively making it happen that way, but often just telling us the consequences of our bad actions. He lets nature take its course, as it were, and we reap what we sow. Perhaps this falls into that sort of category. Satan has had numbers be an important part of his worship for millennia. He chose this number and God, knowing he chose this number, told us that we should watch for the use of this number. It is a very widely used number in company logos, marketing campaigns, architecture, art work, etc. Most of the time people are oblivious to it, as it is hidden in stylized ways. The Illuminati and occult love to hide things from the "unenlightened." They are very big into displaying things to the public in hidden ways, thinking that they are the only ones who understand. It is a source of amusement to them. One way of displaying the 666 is to make the three sixes interlock and create a triangular type of a shape. For those of you with a New King James Version of the Bible, check out at the front of the book. You will see a stylized 666 in an intertwined triangular shape just as I have described. Once you know what to start looking for, you will be amazed how many places you will see it. This number does not have to wait for the antichrist, it is already here. Here is a short video (about 4 min.) that shows some of the ways it is stylized and used.

666 Is Everywhere

As to how 666 is the number of the beast's name, I do not have that wisdom, nor will not enter into the gematria games that every writer of eschatology seems to enter into to try to make people's names add up to 666. I believe that when he presents himself, it will be obvious, and until then it is pointless to speculate.


  1. hello again Connie. May I suggest you activate so one does not need to copy and paste in the browser. Just a thought.


  2. Thank-you for the advice. I am computer challenged, so my son showed me how to enable the website, plus he changed it from the site I had to the original YouTube video. It's nice to know someone is reading the blog. (I even appreciate the people who disagree or hate me for it.) It makes it worthwhile to continue the effort, which is turning out to be very time consuming.

  3. You might not want to speculate on the Gematria of 666, but the Book of Revelation clearly tells God's saints (the readers) to count the number of the beast. So to God's saints, the meaning of 666 is possible to understand. It is only a mystery to outsiders who do not understand the Holy Scriptures.

  4. If you are implying that I am an outsider and do not understand the Holy Scriptures because I will not play the game of whose name adds up to 666, I would suggest that you read my entire blog. A person who is not on the inside with God would never have enough understanding to write what I have written. As for the gematria of 666, it would seem that hundreds of different people have been suggested as being the antichrist based on the idea (gematria) that their name adds up to 666 using the Greek letters or any other language that conveniently comes out with the result that they desire, accusing the individual of their particular choice as antichrist. I put this on a par with the Bible Codes which I feel are completely manipulated. Everyone from Ronald Reagan to Prince Charles and everyone in between has been accused. I stand by my statement that I am not going to join into this speculation and start naming people. I also stand by my statement that when antichrist arrives on the scene, the 666 of his name will be apparent to everyone who has been studying Bible prophecy. I think to start naming names now based on questionable gematria practices is premature to say the least. It only discredits the author who is writing when they enter into this speculation and it proves to be false. To count the number of the beast and his name, I first have to know his name, then count the number of it. He has not presented himself yet to my knowledge, so I will not speculate.