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Babylonian Mysteries Pt 1

The following is factual information on the Babylonian mysteries (begun with Nimrod and continuing to this day) from a number of sources that have researched the religion. It may shock and offend some of you, so be forewarned. There are some sexual references, as paganism worships sexual anatomy. There are many symbols and practices associated with the mystery Babylon religion. I have pages of drawings of them. Should you want to see them, contact me (at and I will send you copies of them. It will be seen that a great deal of the following can be found in today’s churches. It is not my intention to point a finger and criticize any denomination, as pagan practices and symbols are found across the board in all Christian denominations (Catholic, Protestant, and any others who call themselves Christian but do not fall into the first two categories). My intent is not to demonize anyone, but to show how Satan, unable to destroy Christianity, has sought to corrupt and pervert it through bringing in pagan symbols, practices, and whatnot. This did not start with the Christian church, in fact it began long before in Judaism, starting with the golden calf that Aaron made, down to the Kaballah beliefs and practices (which were Babylonian) that were incorporated into Judaism during the Babylonian captivity.

What follows are simply the facts of the Babylonian Mysteries and occult practices (ancient and current), not my opinion or interpretation. What you do with the information presented is up to you. The fact that these things are found in Christian churches today speaks of how Satan deceives and manipulates to try to corrupt Christianity. Nobody is without some compromise. I still celebrate Christmas, although I know its original source date is not Christ’s birthday but, among other things, the birthday of Mithras. I am trying to remove the paganism from my own faith, but it is a constant struggle and work in progress to change and unlearn what one has learned as a child and practiced for years.

*I originally just had some of the doctrines, symbols, and trappings of Babylonianism here, but recently realized I had left out one of the most insidious things that Satan has brought into the churches, and came back to update and include it. Amazingly enough, it is the fundamental, evangelical, and also the charismatic churches that have brought this into their churches. It is possibly more dangerous than the other pagan things that follow below, as it puts people into altered states, allowing them to completely open themselves to demon possession or at the very least demonic influence. Unfortunately these churches (yes, the Protestant - fundamental - evangelical and especially charismatic churches) have managed to influence some of the liturgical churches, who were not guilty of this particular problem, to follow suit. The problem of which I speak is that music known as contemporary Christian music. This music, while seemingly worshipful to some people, is dangerous in the extreme. I wrote an entire thesis on this subject to present to pastors, and it was met with complete rejection, as they feel any method that will get bodies in their pews is worthy. It is not. To understand why this music is so dangerous and insidious, I have put a link here so that you, the reader, may understand why I make this harsh statement. IsitReallyChristianMusic

Now on to the more obvious trappings and doctrines of paganism.

Mother and Child Worship

1) Semiramis, was the founder and first high priestess of the Babylonian Mysteries. One legend has it that after Nimrod was killed, she claimed he was a god. She said her son, Tammuz, was miraculously conceived with no human father. She spread the myth that Tammuz was killed by a wild boar and restored to life. People were told to worship the three of them. It was she who originated the mother/son worship that is found in all the pagan religions. Satan probably promoted this knowing God’s plan for Christ to come into the world. As a result, people who seek to discredit Christianity point to the mother/son worship having been around long before Christ was born and say that Christianity is just another knock-off of these previous religions. Mother/son co-worship is not a Scriptural teaching, and in fact those who study their Bible know that God is clear that nobody but the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - as a Trinity - are to be worshiped. Worship includes deifying, praying to, bowing to, or giving obeisance in any way to anyone other than God. That is the first commandment. Exodus 20:3 (among many other verses) " Thou shalt have no other gods before me." The words "before me" do not just mean "having priority over", they have the meaning "in my face." In other words, do not have anyone else to whom you pray or turn to for salvation, help, or forgiveness, as God considers it an slap in His face and to put it in the mildest terms, impudent. Actually it is more of brass-faced gall than impudence. He is the Creator, after all. Everyone else is merely a created being.

2) Nimrod was given several names in his deification. Two are Baal and Molech. Semiramis was known as the Queen of Heaven. She also went by the titles Baalti (which means “My Lady” which translated into Italian is “Madonna”), Ishtar, and Eastre. Tammuz was represented by the sign of a cross or the ancient letter Tau (T) which was drawn like a cross.

3) With the dispersion of the nations at the Tower of Babel, this religion was carried around the world in the different languages and cultures. Here are some of the other representations of this original Babylonian religion.

  • All of the following represent a virgin mother with a male child. They are also known by the names Queen of Heaven, Holy Mother, and Mother of God. Many are represented with a golden circle or rays around the head. In many cases the name of the son is not known, as he is not as important. In some churches, Mary has become as or more important than Christ, which patterns this pagan representation that the mother is more important than the child -something which Christ quickly negated when people tried to imply to Him that His mother was very important (it was their natural reaction given the pagan teaching and He did not want to encourage them to worship His mother). Luke 11:27-28. He even rebuked His mother when she tried to tell him what to do, and relegated her to relative unimportance, when He was told she was waiting outside to talk to him. John 2:4, Matt. 12:46-50.

  • The name of the mother will be given, followed by the son’s name, and then the country in which they are/were worshiped.

  • Semiramis - Tammuz - Babylon
  • Shingmoo - unknown - China
  • Lady of the Sea/Astarte - unknown - Phoenicia
  • Hertha - unknown - Ancient Germany
  • Disa - unknown - Scandinavia
  • Nutria - unknown - Etruscans
  • Virgo-Patitura - unknown - Druids
  • Indrani - unknown - India
  • Aphrodite/Ceres - Eros - Greeks
  • Nana - unknown - Sumerians
  • Venus/Fortuna - Cupid - Romans
  • Cybele(wife of Baal) - Deoius - Asia
  • Devaki - Crishna - not given
  • Isi - Iswara - India
  • Ashtaroth - unknown - Israel
  • Diana - unknown - Ephesus
  • Isis - Horus - Egypt
  • The following is how some of them are represented:
  • Astarte is represented with a crescent moon alongside her head. (This is a head only drawing).
  • Isis stands on a crescent moon with stars around her head.
  • Diana is pictured with multiple breasts. Breasts signified fertility. Note what a woman says to Christ in Luke 11:27 and His answer in verse 28. “And it came to pass, as he spake these things, a certain woman of the company lifted up her voice, and said unto him, Blessed is the womb that bare thee, and the paps which thou hast sucked. But he said, Yea rather, blessed are they that hear the word of God, and keep it.” Already a misplaced emphasis was being put on Mary. Christ immediately corrected the woman.
  • Most of the mother/child goddesses were pictured as seated with the child on their laps. Multitudes of paintings depict Mary and Christ this way. That Christ is portrayed as a baby or child instead of a grown man crucified and resurrected gives a misplaced emphasis on Mary. It relegates Christ to simply being a child of someone important.
  • The goddesses Juno, Astarte, Cybele, and Isis were at times represented with doves on their heads.
  • A few of the titles given to Mary, the mother of Jesus, are Queen of Heaven, Holy Mother, Mother of God, Lady of the Sea, Our Lady, and Madonna. A portrait of Mary taken from a catechism booklet has Mary standing on a crescent moon with stars around her head. (See above description of Isis) Mary is often represented by being seated with a child on her lap. The ancient portrait of Isis and Horus was accepted by formal Episcopal sanction as the portrait of the Virgin Mary and her child. In the official catechism of one church there is a picture of Mary at Pentecost. She is surrounded by the disciples, (who have halos around their heads), has a halo on her head, and a dove hovering over her head. All of these names and representations are taken directly from the Babylonian Mysteries.
A more detailed article outlining the Scriptural basis for Mariolotry being a pagan doctrine can be found at this link. MaryWorship&Appearances

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