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Genesis 11

Chapter 11

We will spend some time discussing the Tower of Babel, because this is the origin of Babylon, which runs spiritually throughout the rest of history to the end of this age. Here is where it got its start, and we need to fully understand that for which it stands.

1) The whole earth was of one language. This presented problems in that whatever man can imagine to do, he can do. Gen. 11:6 God has given us remarkable abilities, especially then, when men were actually more intelligent than they are now. They decided to build a tower to heaven to make a name for themselves that they wouldn‘t be scattered abroad. I don’t think they thought they could actually build a tower building that would reach up into outer space. This tower might have been meant for pagan worship (very strong possibility) and to make other nations wary of trying to mess with them. They wanted to impress and instill fear in others. And they wanted to shake their fists in God’s face, saying that they could ascend to heaven where He lived, if they so desired. (There is an alternative idea as to the purpose of this tower that may be covered at a later date.)

2) As the people migrated from Ararat (where Noah had landed) they came to the Mesopotamian plain (where evolutionists say the cradle of civilization was founded - hmmm, funny thing that). In the memory of two antediluvian rivers, they named these two rivers (which were not the same as the original rivers, as the topography would no longer be the same after the flood) the Tigris and Euphrates. As said before, the original language seems to have been Hebrew, and here is more proof. The antediluvian names only have meaning in Hebrew. In Scriptures it tells us that in the millennium the pure language will be restored to all people. Zeph. 3:9 Since Israel will be the top nation, as it were, it again is a logical deduction to say that Hebrew was the original language.

3) We know that Nimrod was the founder of Babel. Since the flood, Satan has been trying to create a one world government with himself at the head. God’s intention was that men would spread abroad, live in an agrarian society (cities tend to breed rebellion due to idleness, farmers have no time for it) , and have small local governments or patriarchal clans, with Himself at the head of everyone. A strong centralized government is too controlling of its people and resources (ain’t it the truth?) (The only one world government that God approves is His own, with Christ at the head. And even that won't be successful as man will again rebel at the end of the millennium.) One of the first decisions Nimrod (and possibly his council or cohorts) made was to develop a brick making industry. There were no stones in the area that would enable them to build permanent, strong structures for their city. Wood would not have held up in that climate. The clay that was available, however, would make good strong bricks after being baked in a kiln. The “slime” was probably a tar material taken from the asphalt pits in the Tigris-Euphrates valley. Archaeology has revealed that this type of brick and asphalt construction was indeed common in ancient Babylon. Now that the brick making industry was well in hand, they made plans for a city and a tower. The tower would serve as a symbol of their unity and strength, and be a focal point of the city. It would serve as the political and religious center (and possibly for other things too). It would indeed be a show of strength to neighboring clans and settlements. The unity required to do this would be a show of strength in all ways, political, religious, military, etc. The intent was to keep people there at home rather than spreading abroad as God had intended. Nimrod had big ideas about governing everyone in the world.

Historically from records, archaeology, and occult history, we know a lot about what was happening in Babel, even though specifics are not recorded in the Scriptures.

The following comes from either occult history (the info about the antediluvian world), archaeology, ancient written records, (from the Flood on) or from research about the present day occult and its practices (symbols, etc). While occult history is not as reliable as the Scriptures by any means and should not be taken as bona fide truth, Satan does like to keep a record of his own doings. How much of the antediluvian history is actually accurate I have no way of knowing, because it does come from inside the occult, which cannot be trusted. Archaeology and ancient written records may be a little more reliable, and present day occult practices can be verified by those who have knowledge of them.

Again, it must be reiterated that this antediluvian knowledge come from an occult source and should not be equated as being the same as the truth of Scripture.

1) Previous to the flood, the most advanced occult society that ever existed was in control of the world. It was a world government (Satan loves this mantra doesn’t he?) based on 10 regions. (Oddly we will see this again as what will happen at the end of this age.) The name given to it by occultists is Atlantis. Mankind was constantly entering into altered states as they do today with things such as yoga, EST, hypnosis, channeling, automatic writing, etc. These were the secrets of the ancient mystery religions.

2) The history of this society picks up again with Nimrod. This is when Satan got a firm hold on man again and began his quest for another one world government. (He never tires of this does he?)

3) The Tower of Babel was the first ziggurat. (A tower with a temple on top.) There would be places for sacrifice (human as well as animal) up there. The zodiac, thought to have originally been conceived for the purpose of reminding people of the gospel (before the written word) was corrupted to represent Satanic things. The Virgin (Virgo) which was supposed to remind men of the Seed of woman, became the Queen of Heaven otherwise known as Semiramis, Nimrod’s wife. Leo, the Lion of Judah, and King, became a King of Heaven, and the other stars, constellations, and etc. became various representations of the demonic host that they would worship. The tower would be covered with paintings, and sculptures of these various animals or mythical creatures (not necessarily mythical either - Rev. describes a demon which looks remarkably like a centaur). Not only would the temple have these idols, but people began to have them in their homes also. “Gods” were created for every aspect of life and the environment.

4) Because the system became so cumbersome, a class of people developed who were dedicated to studying and interpreting this religious system for the people. Thus the development of a priestly class. As this class delved more into the ancient mysteries (occult practices taught by demons), they would start interacting with those demons that they worshiped and become demon possessed and controlled. The rituals that allowed them this personal interaction would become a secret for priests alone to possess, as it was a means of power for them over the people. Satan would reveal his plan for the world to them, and they would pass it on for generations to come.

5) At this time, Nimrod became known as Marduk (only one of his many names) the “god” of the new Babylonian religion mysteries. His wife was Semiramis, known as Queen of Heaven. She had a son named Tammuz.

There is a further interpretation of who and what Nimrod was, and what the tower was, which will be presented later during the course of this study, but for reasons will not be gone into here.

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