Friday, August 28, 2009

Revelation 8:7-9 Trumpets 1 & 2

Verse 7 “The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.”

Thinking of the sixth seal, the sun going dark, the moon turned to blood, meteor showers, the sky rolling back like a scroll, the mountains and islands moved out of their places, (earthquakes as well as tectonic plates shifting in massive ways), it is apparent that something is approaching the planet. As it approaches, if coming between the earth and the sun, the sun would become black, and the moon would not reflect the sun’s light if the object’s location is such that it also blocks the sunlight from hitting the moon. Or more simply put, eclipses them. An eclipse not only darkens the moon, it can turn it blood red. Both of these are signs that herald the day of the Lord. It is probable that an object such as a large asteroid or comet would have debris caught in its gravitational force that would accompany it. This would explain the meteor shower. Also, an object of great size on a collision course with the earth would disrupt our planet’s gravitational orbit creating the earthquakes and tectonic movement. It no doubt would also cause a lot of volcanic eruptions. It will be seen as the trumpets are sounded that this is exactly what is happening.

Shortly following the sixth seal signs, the object approaches closer to earth and the consequence is that there is hail, mingled with fire and blood, that showers down upon the earth. It may be that it merely looks like blood, and as John sees it, he has no other way to describe it, or it may be that this shower of hail, fire, and blood is the result of all the volcanic activity from the tectonic movement. This would account for the hail and fire, and the blood could be either lava, water droplets containing minerals, or the blood of animals and men that are caught in the explosions and whose remains are thrust into the atmosphere with the water vapor, ash, and etc. There was one other time in the scriptures that hail and fire fell together. This was when Moses called down the plagues upon Egypt, although blood was not mentioned as part of it then. This shower of fiery hail burns up one third of the trees and all of the grass. It would appear that this hail falls on one particular section of the earth, a part that makes up roughly one third of the forests in the world. It is believed by some that this will fall on the entire earth, but it would seem peculiar in that case that only one third of the trees are burned up. Also, this object would not surround the earth, it would be passing by one side of the earth. The opposite side of the earth would not be hit at the same time. All of the grass being burned up can be explained by the heat generated worldwide by the event, as even a hot dry summer will burn up all the grass. Interestingly the area of the world that makes up the Orient and Eastern Asia contains one third of the world’s forests. There seems to be no mention of this part of the world in prophecy as regards the political goings on. That seems strange given the whole world government that antichrist is running. This might indicate that this is the area that gets hit, and it puts them out of business so to speak. This much destruction of the forests and grass are going to affect the animal world. Those that do not die immediately from this event will slowly die as the chain of life from lower organisms up are unable to survive.

Verse 8-9 “And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood. And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; and the third part of the ships were destroyed.”

As already theorized, given the descriptions of the previous verse and the sixth seal, something has been approaching the earth, and at least part of it is here. A great mountain burning with fire is cast into the sea. This can only describe an asteroid the size of a mountain. Entering earth’s atmosphere it would obviously be burning with fire. It falls into the ocean and as a consequence, a third part of the oceans are affected, killing one third of the sea life that resides therein. Not only will the sea become blood from the blood of the animals, but a red tide will no doubt start spreading. Again, interestingly it appears from statistical sources that the same area of the world that has one third of the earth’s forests, also has one third of the earth’s ocean area. This would appear to be the Pacific/Indian Ocean area. Not only the creatures of the sea will suffer, but all of the ships that are in that area of the sea, one third of military and merchant ships will perish. This will probably be due to tsunamis resulting from the impact. These tsunamis will also affect the coastal cities and cause a certain amount of loss of life, however not nearly as much as would have been had the asteroid hit the land mass. The earth will reel from this impact though. It has the potential to alter the orbit of the earth and move it into a new orbit (Is. 13:13). This will cause quite a bit of upheaval in the rest of the world.

These events that are happening will cause a great deal of heat to be introduced into the atmosphere. One of the signs of the Day of the Lord was about everything burning. The result of all of this heat and burning, especially considering how much of the water on the planet will be affected by these events, will be a great deal of evaporation. The water vapor canopy is in the process of being restored. Remembering how it was first established, it appears that the same processes will be happening again. The first punishment of mankind was to remove the canopy and the result was a deluge. This punishment will restore the canopy which requires a great deal of heat, thus the burning of the world. God is very organized in His processes. Heat and pressure will create the hydrogen lattice canopy again, thus bringing the world back to an antediluvian state for the duration of the millennium. Due to the difference in the world's make-up, the earth will have to be removed to a different orbit. When the flood changed the world, it was necessary to accommodate that by moving the earth. Now the impact will move the earth back into the previous orbit, which is no doubt the orbit that takes exactly 360 days to complete. The moon's orbit around us will no doubt also shift to a thirty day orbit. These are the numbers that God uses in the Bible for the prophetic counting of years and months, so it is highly probable that this is to what it will be restored.

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