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Genesis 1:6-8

Gen. 1:6 “And God said, let there be a firmament in the mist of the water and let it divide the waters from the waters.”

1) “And God said, let there be a firmament in the midst of the water.” Again, if anyone wants to argue that when God created the earth it was water, here it is again. Very clear. Earth is a ball of water. God now wants an atmosphere that is breathable for the life He is going to bring forth. The Hebrew word for firmament is “raqia” and means compressed, pounded together and stretched out in a thin metal sheet. A lot of definition for a very small word. More on that later. God wants this space in the middle of the water.

2) “and let it divide the waters from the waters” God inserted an expanse of atmosphere between the ball of water and a canopy of water. What you have is a ball of water surrounded by a band of atmosphere surrounded by a band of water, or as we shall actually see, is water vapor.

Gen. 1:7 “And God made the firmament and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament and it was so.”

1) Again it is reiterated so that we clearly understand, God took the ball of water, inserted an atmosphere above it and that was surrounded by more water. Now we need to look a little more closely at this canopy of water above the atmosphere. Water in its liquid state, or ice for that matter would be very heavy and wouldn’t stay up there. Also, it would be opaque. Since we know that the sun, moon, and stars are supposed to be visible for signs, seasons, and years (Gen. 1:14), we know that the water canopy has to be transparent. The only transparent water is water vapor. It is also much lighter in weight. When water is changed into vapor (by applying heat) it releases gases. How convenient it would be if God applied heat to a portion of the water ball which would release gases, thus creating an atmosphere and leaving a vapor canopy above it. All water would be removed from the atmosphere, because we know from later Scriptures that it did not rain upon the earth before the flood (Gen. 2:5). There would have been no clouds, nothing in the atmosphere in the way of water. The hydrological cycle we now have did not exist then. The benefits of having a water vapor canopy above the earth are many.

* Some scientific facts - (referenced from CEM and AIG)
Water vapor can transmit incoming solar radiation and retain and disperse that radiation reflected back from the earth’s surface creating a greenhouse effect, which would maintain a pleasant warm temperature world-wide. Fossil evidence bears this out with tropical plants being found at the poles. In fact, in the Arctic on two islands, fruit trees with the fruits still on them were discovered frozen in mounds of gravel. Palm fronds have been found on Northern Vancouver Island in Canada.

With uniform temperatures there would be no mass air movements - no windstorms. With no air circulation there couldn’t be a hydrological cycle, since it is dependent upon air currents. The only place it could have rained, had it rained, would have been directly over the bodies of water from which the water evaporated.

Water condensation is caused by dust particles weighing down the water vapor. Without air circulation, the dust would not have risen to create problems with the canopy rendering it very stable.

Not only would there have been uniform temperatures, but uniform humidity.

Such greenhouse effects would have been optimal for lush vegetation. The fossil record shows that vegetation (as well as animal life) grew to gigantic proportions. Examples given later.

A vapor canopy would filter out ultraviolet, cosmic, and other harmful rays. These rays are the source of mutations and aging. Diseases (which are genetic or physical mutations) would not have existed and people would have aged far more slowly and been far more healthy. This explains the extreme ages of the patriarchs, which are to be taken literally.

The heaviness of the vapor canopy would have caused a greater air pressure upon the earth. Rather than this being a problem, it has been found (provided internal pressure has time to adjust to external) that hyperbaric pressure combats disease and promotes good health. It has actually been found that poisonous snakes, when put in a hyperbaric chamber for a period of time will become non-poisonous. The antediluvian world would probably not have had a problem with poisonous animals. The flood’s removal of this canopy (as we will see later) changed the animals, and God had to put the fear of man into them. As we will see much later, this will be reversed during the millenium.

These waters provided part of the source of the reservoirs from which God would send the flood. At present the amount of water in the atmosphere if totally condensed would cover the entire earth to a depth of only one inch. The 40 days of rain had to come from somewhere. That’s a lot of water in the air.

Although the water vapor canopy is lighter than actual water, it still has to have something help suspend it up there in the sky. Now we go back to the word “raqia” - a compressed, pounded together, stretched out thin sheet of metal. How can this possibly be a correct definition? Well, first it should be noted that most metals in their pure state are transparent. e.g. the gold film on the astronauts helmets. It happens that a laboratory inadvertently compressed and added energy to water molecules. The oxygen molecules turned blue and the hydrogen bonded into a crystalline lattice that was pale pink. Hydrogen when energized glows pink. Specifically 6563 angstrom magenta in scientific terms. (We see this color for brief moments at sunrise and sunset.) This color pink is special in that when you look at the right level (in this case the level happens to be 6563 angstrom magenta), your brain produces norepanephron, a neural transmitter. It has been found that people with dyslexia who start using glasses with this tint of glass have their dyslexia altered. It has also helped people with ADD get off their medicine. These are just a few cases that have been verified. There have been no major studies done on this as it is a creation science discovery and there has not been interest to fund research on it. Other side effects of this color are that when you look through the glasses the world is not rose-colored as you might expect. Actually, it filters the color spectrum in such a way that colors become more vibrant and enhanced. Other labs followed up on the experiment with the crystalline lattice and came up with the same results.

Why is all this information important? The water vapor canopy over the earth would have been suspended there by a hydrogen crystalline lattice band. Probably only an inch or two in thickness (this would have been sufficient to hold the vapor). The lattice looks like a bunch of circles (microscopic) connected together. The circles are transparent. The small sections in between are opaque, but when viewed with our eyes are not noticeable (due to the microscopic size). The opaque part of the crystalline has the unique property of being superconductive. Superconductive materials will suspend themselves above magnetic fields. The earth’s magnetic field would be the source that held the hydrogen lattice in place. The lattice would hold the canopy in place. Another property of the lattice would be that it filtered out short wave radiation from penetrating. It would then use this radiation to replenish the magnetic field that would decay from use, once the earth was filled, keeping the magnetic field optimal for life processes and the inhabitants safe from radiation. It also acted as fiber optics. The sun shining on the day side would wrap around and provide a twilight light for the dark side. They would not know pitch darkness of night as we do. And, the sky would be pink, not blue (thus everyone would benefit from the 6563 angstrom magenta).

As can be seen, all of this would have lengthened peoples lives and enhanced their health, thus making it possible to live those long ages. It would seem from the ages given, that we age at ten times the rate they did back then.

Genesis 1:8 “And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day.”

1) “And God called the firmament Heaven” - the 1st heaven is the atmosphere - Jer. 4:25, also known as the firmament (Gen. 1:20). The 2nd heaven is outer space - Is. 13:10, also known as the firmament (Gen. 1:17). The 3rd heaven is God’s abode - Heb. 9:24, also mentioned as the firmament (Ez. 1:22-23) So while firmament and heaven are used interchangeably, Scripture also delineates three different heavens.

2) “And evening and morning were the second day” - again God uses words to denote a turning of the earth on its axis. A 24 hour day.

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  1. Great stuff, Connie. It reminds me of something I recently read about called the 'Hydroplate Theory.' Why weren't we taught this in church? Hmm.