Monday, November 9, 2009

Rev. 13:1-3 / Rev. 17: 8-12 pt. 2

Next we are told that the beast has seven heads. We are also told that the seven heads stand for seven mountains upon which the woman (the whore of Babylon) sits. While we have not gotten into the whore of Babylon yet, she represents Satan's ruling world - political, financial, and religious- order. The three - politics, finances, and religion- actually walk hand in hand. They always have. The religion is the mystery religion of Babylon which has been handed down through the ages since Nimrod from Sumeria (the original Babylon) to Egypt, back to the empires of Babylon, Persian, Greece, Rome, and on in the form of the Templar Knights, Rosicrusions, Illuminati, Freemasonry, and all the offshoot front organizations (including some non-Christian religions, as well as some "Christian" denominations) that are a part of this system. The system is a pyramidal system with more organizations the lower you go in the ranks. Also, the lower the rank, the less information about the real workings of the system is known by the members. For instance, lower ranking Masons do not know what Masonry is truly all about. They believe it is a benevolent fraternal organization. The true knowledge is reserved for the ranks of 30-33 degree masons. Getting back to the mysteries, the reason the Babylonian mysteries walk hand in hand with politics and finances is that over the centuries, followers of the mysteries have gotten themselves into the powerful positions of being the big political (whether elected or royalty), and financial, as well as religious leaders of the world. Because the mysteries' power base is often hereditary, and the leaders tend to have access to money (their own or others), the money keeps them in power over generations. The loyalty to the mysteries and its brotherhood outweighs any other loyalty to any other person, country, religion, etc. Thus the system pulls from the loyalty and financial resources of all of its ranks to put people it wants in power to be in power. This maintains control of the system. As said before, it is a system based on a pyramidal structure.

The seven heads are the mountains upon which this woman sits. They also stand for seven kings. If we were to take the mountains as literal mountains, there would have to be a single place where seven mountains have been the throne of seven kings. Many have interpreted this to be the Seven Hills of Rome and make the Catholic church the whore. I do not believe that scripture bears that out quite in this way. First, the Vatican does not sit on the seven hills of Rome (and notice that they are called hills, not mountains. There is a difference). Vatican Hill is northwest of the seven hills and is not a part of the group. That seems to rule out the Seven Hills of Rome as being the mountains. As for the Catholic church, yes the Babylonian mysteries have infiltrated them, just as they have Protestantism and every other denomination of Christendom. People may not be aware of this, but apostasy is rampant throughout all of the Christian denominations, not just the Catholic church. The Catholic church still does teach that Jesus is the Son of God who died for our sins, regardless of what other man-made traditions or pagan rites and associations they have incorporated. The Protestant denominations are no less guilty of that sin. Even more to be concerned with are those religious groups who claim to be Christian, but deny that Christ is the Son of God (and part of the Trinity) who died for our sins. I believe the mysteries themselves are headquartered with the Illuminati and their ranks. I will admit that this does include members, organizations, and leaders of these churches, and the churches have been corrupted by them, but the churches themselves are not the ultimate headquarters of the Babylonian mysteries. If they were, they most certainly would not teach that Jesus is the Son of God who died for our sins.

Second, these mountains also stand for seven kings. Seven kings who obviously stand for the seven kingdoms over which they were kings. These kings are the clue to what the mountains stand for in this imagery. If we look back to Daniel 2, it will be remembered that the large statue of gold, silver, brass, iron and the clay/iron mixture was destroyed by a stone that became a mountain that filled the whole earth. That mountain stood for the kingdom of God. So a mountain symbolically stood for a kingdom. We see that the heads stand for mountains and kings. Bearing all of this in mind, it would appear that these mountains are the seven kingdoms of the seven kings. In fact we see that this symbolism is found in other places in the Bible. In Jer. 51:25 God speaks to Babylon saying "Behold, I am against thee, O destroying mountain, saith the Lord. In Jer. 17:3, God refers to Judah as His "mountain in the field". It makes much more sense that mountains stand for kingdoms rather than trying to make them stand for a place that has seven mountains. So the seven heads are seven kingdoms and their seven kings. Now we are told that five of these kings have fallen, that is, they are historical to John's time. One exists at the time of John, and one is future to John's time. This king only lasts a very short time. This gives us a timeline for identifying these kingdoms. Looking back at Daniel 2 and Nebuchadnezzar's statue, it was shown that these Babylonian mysteries were a part of Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and Rome. They are four of the mountains on which the whore sat. As John is told that the sixth one is existent at the time he is writing Revelation, we know that Rome is the sixth kingdom. That means there are five before it. Going backwards we have Greece, Persia, and Babylon. That leaves two for which we have to account. The commonality between these kingdoms are that 1) they are the headquarters of the mysteries, and 2) they persecute Israel. Are there two more such kingdoms before Babylon that fit these requirements? Yes, there are. Egypt and Assyria had both of these requirements, therefore we can assume that they are the two other kingdoms on that side of John. For the seventh, we have to look into John's future. Is there another kingdom that fit this bill? Yes. In our own lifetime we saw this again. Hitler was a known occultist (follower of the mysteries) and from what I have read, I believe he was controlled by the Illuminati. He also persecuted Israel in a way that surpassed all of the other pogroms that had been going on in countries around the world. It was because of his persecution that Israel was again brought back as a nation. He also reigned for only a very short time, which was a third requirement for the seventh candidate. I think because of this, Hitler and the Third Reich is the seventh mountain or kingdom/king that is a part of the beast. These heads also each have a name of blasphemy on them. Since each of these was the throne of Satan in their turn, it is not a surprise that this is so.

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