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Rev. 13:1-3 / Rev. 17: 8-12 pt. 4

Now we move on to the ten horns. From this point on, it gets complicated. We are told in chapter 17 that they are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but receive power as kings for one hour with the beast. There are several possibilities for the ten horns.

At present there is an Illuminati plan of the New World Order to divide the world into ten regions. (For details on this plan I recommend Gary Kah's book En Route to Global Occupation.) This plan is already in motion. The E.U. is one region. The North America Union (Canada, America, and Mexico) is another region. For those of you who are not aware of this, (as it is not advertised as such) this (the NAU) is already in existence. We are no longer a sovereign country. We are part of a union. These ten regions are being designed to be a stepping stone to the one world government. Each region is to be ruled by a leader. This is currently in the process of being implemented. I believe that this particular ten region plan is the one that corresponds to the image of Nebuchadnezzar's dream which has the ten toes. However, I believe that the ten horns mentioned here in Revelation, (and the ten horns in Daniel 7 who are the same ten horns) are a different entity from the ten toes. I believe there are two plans going on simultaneously, and due to the fact that they have some similarities, (the number ten being one) it has been assumed that they both refer to the same thing. I have come to believe that they do not. I believe each plays a part in the end time scenario, and they will come together to do so, but I think Satan has several game plans running which keeps people confused as to what is going on.

When writing on Daniel chapter 7, it became clear to me that there was far more to that prophecy than the standard interpretation. That is why I searched out a more modern application. Of late, God has been providing much more information on the state of affairs in the Middle East, which has led me to believe that viewing that prophecy in terms of a modern application might be much more helpful to understanding what is written here in Revelation. In Daniel we heard about four great beasts. One was like a lion with eagle's wings. (I surmised that this may stand for Britain and America.) The second was like a bear (Russia), and the third like a leopard with four wings and four heads (this stands for countries where the Tatars are found -Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, and the Ukraine, four heads and four wings adds up to eight. There are eight countries that are considered Tatar countries. Russia also has some Tatars, but Russia is the bear). The fourth beast was the most terrifying. It had teeth of iron and devoured, broke, and stamped those in its path. It was different in some capacity from the previous three and had ten horns. At the time I wrote about Daniel, I did not know who that might be. I now believe God has shown me who that is. It is different from the rest, because while these governmental entities are not controlled by religion, the beast is a religion that is rising as a controlling governmental entity. I believe the fourth beast is Islam and that ancient Babylon (the empire) is about to reborn by a league made with ten Islamic countries or entities - the ten horns (which would be a religious league as they are all connected by Islam). When thinking of the way Islam controls its people and kills those who oppose it, it is easy to see why this beast has iron teeth and tramples. I believe this may be the league or covenant spoken of in Daniel chapter 9 which will enable Israel to rebuild their temple. Who better to get that accomplished without all-out war than a Muslim leader? Given Islam's "worship Allah or die" rule, it certainly would fit the above description. The dragon, Satan, will give the beast his full unchecked authority and power to reign as Satan himself would. He allows his progeny, as it were, to be worshiped as the savior of the world on his seat or throne. This empire is going to be the last headquarters of the whore Babylon so it is right and fitting that she end up where she began, in Shinar or ancient Babylon (modern day Iraq).

The ten horns have ten crowns. We are told in chapter 17 that these ten horns are kings. Thus the crowns. They do not yet have a kingdom. This indicates that they are not the present rulers, but they will get that power in one hour with the beast. Whether this literally refers to an actual hour or a short period of time is uncertain. It might be that an actual hour is what is meant. In Daniel 11 we are told that the "vile person" shall come to power with a small number of people. He has his own entourage. They no doubt come from various countries, as when they come together, they represent ten different kingdoms, or in today's terms ten nations. Given that we are going to be looking at Islam as the factor that pulls this league together, it may be that these are the religious Imams of the various countries who seize political control as did the Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran. This would make even more sense if the beast's representative (antichrist) is seen as the Islamic Mahdi (messiah). If someone were to appear and create this peace treaty, (and part of the Muslim prophecies is that Mahdi will sign a peace treaty) the Imams would start promoting this man as the Mahdi, due to his actions fulfilling their prophecies. They would then begin to have greater power, as many would believe them and be behind them. Religion and politics are not separated in Islamic countries as they are here, even though the Imams are presently not always in the highest power. Interestingly, according to Islamic eschatology, the Mahdi (when he first appears and creates the treaty) will not at first accept the title of Mahdi. (The antichrist does not declare his godhood until midway through the seven years). It will be the religious leaders who will be declaring that he is the Mahdi. When he reaches the point (half-way through the seven years) that he officially accepts the title, they would certainly have no qualms about seizing control and turning their power over to their messiah. This would explain why they receive their power for one hour as kings with the beast. In other words, they do not presently have this ultimate power. It will come with the proclamation of the Mahdi, but they will not consider hanging onto it, as the Mahdi reigns supreme. Thus they will immediately hand it over to him. This would explain the verse in Daniel that says that he rises after the ten, not before them. They would rise first, promoting him, then seize power and hand it over to him.

Just to review a little, going back to Daniel 2, we know that the ten toes came out of Rome (the bronze legs). I believe this is a correct interpretation of that particular prophecy, as the two legs show a split empire, and Rome was split into eastern and western empires, or we can take it further to the eastern hemisphere and western hemisphere encompassing the entire globe. Also the ten toes are said to be a mix of someone who mixes with the seed of man. I had missed that particular phrase until recently when it jumped out at me. This phrase is interesting in that it implies something other than man is interacting with man and is a part of this federation of ten regions. This may indicate some sort of political interaction or agreement between man and fallen angels or nephilim, (which still do exist today and present themselves as "aliens"). As far-fetched as this may seem, my research has led me to believe that there is such an interaction going on and scripture bears this out. We are told in the gospels that before Christ returns, it will be as in the days of Noah. In Noah's day fallen angels lived with and married humans and bore nephilim children. Nephilim existed after the flood also. Goliath was one. So also too do they exist today, as Israel failed to carry out the mandate of killing every man woman and child when they entered the land. This is why that mandate was given, to eliminate nephilim blood. This would also explain the many stories people tell of the "aliens" kidnapping them and creating hybrid babies from their sperm and ovum today. They do it differently than they did during Noah's time. They don't marry human women anymore, they kidnap them and forcibly extract what they need. All of this would seem to indicate that this ten league system is more of an Illuminati system, which did come out of Rome and the Knights Templar. It is the NWO or New World Order about which we constantly hear. It would then seem that they are two systems at work here rather than the one system which all prophecy teachers have assumed, based on the fact that both have the number ten as their division. Note the difference in the prophecy of the two different "tens." The ten toes cannot hold together. They do not mix well. The ten horns do, as they come up with the beast and turn their power over to him. This indicates two separate results, therefore two separate entities. It would make sense that Satan would have multiple scenarios going on. He pits the two against each other. One of his mottos is Ordo ab chao which means order out of chaos. It is the Illuminati's motto. Chaos is created to frighten people, as when they are frightened they will hand over all of their freedoms and rights to get order and safety back. Just look at what 9-11 accomplished. By pitting these two world dominating powers against each other at the end, Satan will create such chaos that people will clamor for a one world leader who will give them world peace. It will also be used as a devise to delude people, including Christians.

As further reason for believing the ten horns are a Muslim league and the rebirth of Babylon, most certainly if Babylon were suddenly reborn, first as a peace agreement creating an empire, and then a rapidly rebuilt city on the ruins, it would, as said before, astound the world and leave them gasping from astonishment. This is exactly how people's reactions to the kingdom of the beast is described. As being so astonished they are bewitched or out of their wits. This would blow everyone's mind, to put it in modern terminology. Especially considering the unrest in that part of the world. A rebirth of such a kingdom would be astonishing. Not to mention that anyone who could bring peace enough to settle that area down would most certainly be considered the Messiah. They said only Nixon could go to China. Well, only a Muslim Mahdi could really get them to accept a peace treaty that allowed a Jewish temple.

One last thing about the ten horns. In Daniel 7:8, 24 tell us that three of these ten will be put down, for lack of a better way to phrase it, by the beast. "I considered the horns, and behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things." and "And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings." Three of the ten will apparently not go along with the plan, and it will force him to take them down. He will conquer those particular nations and bring them into submission.

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