Monday, November 16, 2009

Rev. 13:1-3 / Rev. 17: 8-12 pt. 3

Now we are told that the beast that was, but is not at the time of John, is an eighth kingdom/king, is one of the seven, and goes into perdition. Here is where it gets confusing. Because these heads are both kingdoms and kings, it refers to both at the same time, but in a different way. The beast (a kingdom) that was, but is not at the time of John is the eighth kingdom to come. Each of these kingdoms in their turn were the entire beast. Now each past kingdom lives on as a head of the beast. So, a former beast or head, which does not exist now in John's time, becomes the eighth beast. In other words, it becomes the beast itself again for a second time. It is one of the seven heads. In other words, one of the seven heads or kingdoms, resurfaces to be the final kingdom or the entire beast again. The beast will go to perdition. This has a double meaning. Perdition can mean damnation as well as destruction or being laid waste. In the case of the beast as a kingdom, as will be seen, the prophecies concerning the beast is that it will never exist as a kingdom or the land even be inhabited again. It will suffer entire destruction for all of eternity. As for king part of the head of the beast, each of these kingdoms was ruled by the demonic spirit which is currently in the abyss. We are later told in Revelation that he will spend eternity in the lake of fire, so he also is sent to perdition as would be his human host, if he does have a human host. This is therefore the double meaning in the beast being sent to perdition.

In Rev. 13:3, it references the lion, bear, and leopard (notice the lack of eagle's wings) as being a part of this beast. This imagery is used to send us back to Daniel 7. From the traditional interpretation, it would show the spiritual descendency (Babylonian mysteries) from Babylon, Medo-Persia, and Greece as the beast is an amalgamation of the lion, bear, and leopard, which represented those countries. These kingdoms represent the short-term fulfillment that the prophecy had in Daniel 7.(Remember most prophecies have two fulfillments). They represent the foundational body that has been laid down through the millennia for the New World Order of antichrist to be established as the ultimate one world government. While that works from the short-term prophecy standpoint, since those countries are already represented in the heads of the beast, it would seem that something else is in mind here. Going back to the modern interpretation that I gave for Daniel 7, which would seem to make more sense here, it would appear that this beast has the support of Britain, Russia, and the Central Asian Tatar countries in being created through this league. They are behind this peace agreement that will create this beast. Notice the lack of eagles wings. This may be due to the fact that America no longer exists, or that she has a different part to play at this time.

In this verse, we are told that one of the heads receives a wound and that the deadly wound is healed and that the world wonders about it. Notice it is not the eighth beast itself that is being referred to here, but one of the heads. So this verse is not speaking of the eighth beast itself or its king (antichrist) being wounded, but a head. (There will be later verses which imply antichrist has a deadly wound which is also healed, but in this verse it is not the case.) Since it seems unlikely that any of the actual human kings or leaders of these seven previous kingdoms will be resurrected at this late date (especially to die again), and since it has already been determined that one of the seven heads will become the eighth kingdom thereby being resurrected as it were, I believe it is safe to assume that this particular reference of death in this particular verse is speaking of one of the previous kingdoms, not the kings. So one of these nations will rise again from the ashes. A popular symbol of the Illuminati is that of the phoenix, a bird which rises again from the ashes of its own demise. There is a reason for their use of this symbol, as they look forward to the Babylonian mysteries rising again to world domination. Most prophecy teachers teach that it is the Roman Empire that is resurrected in the form of the E.U. This seems unlikely given that Rome existed at the time of John and it was said that the beast "is not" during John's time. That would seem to eliminate the E.U. as the possible candidate. Also it says that people "wonder" at the resurrection of this particular kingdom. The Greek word defines "wonder" as being put out of your wits. Another definition says to be insane or bewitched. The E.U. does not instill this reaction in people. To date, I have not heard people speaking about the E.U. as some miraculous wonder. Some have speculated that Hitler will somehow rise again. First of all this does not seem to be speaking of a man, it is speaking of a kingdom. While there are neo-Nazis around, I do not think that there will be a new Nazi regime, not to mention the fact that Germany did not die, it still exists. Therefore the Third Reich is out as a candidate. The nations of Greece and Egypt still exist in the same lands they always occupied, although not as expansive as they once were, and this kingdom is supposed to be dead. So that is two more countries out of the running. That leaves Persia, Assyria, and Babylon as possible candidates. Now while Iran claims descent from Persia, Syria from Assyria, and Iraq from Babylon, all three of these former kingdoms encompassed virtually the same area, which included all three areas. This would pose a problem to having only one of the ancient kingdoms still exist. Plus they no longer exist under their former names. As kingdoms, they are all dead in that sense. None of these kingdoms exists today as they did then, nor does their name exist. The most important of these in a Biblical sense is obviously Babylon, as that is from whom the whore originated (in Sumeria or early Babylon) and for whom the whore is named. Many of the Old Testament prophecies about Babylon have yet to be fulfilled. God says that the whore Babylon sits on this beast, therefore it seems that Babylon is the candidate of choice. It is more than likely that Babylon will be "rebuilt". This could refer to Babylon the city (which is in the process of being rebuilt, more on that later), as well as a joining of the Muslim countries to establish a new empire. The countries that appear to have been encompassed in Babylon (as well as Assyria and Persia) at its most extensive are all of the present day lands of Israel (This would include the Palestinian Authority), Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and parts of Egypt, Turkey, and Iran. So two possibilities exist as far as the resurrection of a literal Babylon, the ancient city of Babylon, where the original headquarters of the Babylonian mysteries resided, and/or the reunified empire of Babylon by a league made by ten (horns) Arab countries (or nine and the Palestinian Authority). I believe both the city and the kingdom will be resurrected. Now that we know that one of the seven kingdoms that died is resurrected and it appears that it may be Babylon, it looks as though the ten horns, which come out of the beast, may be some of those Muslim countries that surround Israel and were an original part of Babylon. Scripture would seem to bear out that the city of Babylon will be rebuilt for the purpose of moving the Babylonian mysteries back to that location. In Zechariah 5:5-11 it tells how wickedness will again be brought back to the land of Shinar (ancient Babylon or Iraq) where a house has been built for it to be established on its base. What is interesting is that the mysteries are then obviously not residing in Babylon at the moment. So where are they? Personally, I believe that the whore is presently sitting on America (which explains why there are no eagles wings on the beast, America is the whore herself at the moment). If one reads the descriptions of Babylon throughout scripture, America is the only present day nation that fits the description. The whore has always been the world dominating kingdom or nation. America happens to be that nation (at the moment, although that does not look as if it will last for a whole lot longer). Many of the Illuminati live in America and meet in her to carry out their plans. The U.N. is their present means of world control and it has been established in NYC. So for the present, I think it is safe to say that the whore resides in America, but will at the very last be moved to the resurrected Babylon.

It says that the world "wonders" at the resurrection of this beast. Considering the state of war that has existed over there for so long, to have such a rebirth would certainly take the world aback. Who would not be surprised to see ancient Babylon, both the city and the kingdom, come back into existence. Especially if it happens almost overnight. It is not as far-fetched an idea as may be thought. It is of relevant interest that Saddam Hussein began to surreptitiously rebuild Nebuchadnezzar’s ancient city of Babylon decades ago. He was engraving his name on the stones alongside Nebuchadnezzar’s. The Gulf War disrupted the building process, but it did not stop it. Currently our troops have done a great deal of damage to the city by ransacking artifacts, paving over the ruins, and writing graffiti on the walls. They are using it as a military base. This has greatly upset the people of that country, as well as archaeologists around the world. The plan was and still is to develop Babylon into an international world center and theme park based upon her ancient wonders (the hanging gardens for one). The war is holding that up. The U.N. is behind the Iraqi leaders on this project, and Obama recently pledged, on the U.S.’s behalf, $700,000 for “The Future of Babylon Project” through the State Department‘s budget. They are also expecting help from the World Monuments Fund. Now that the insurgency is dying down (per se according to articles), the Shia-led government of Iraq is actually moving forward with this historic and prophetic project. They say Babylon will be "reborn." These Muslim countries are also said to be within five to twenty years of having a significant stock of nuclear weapons. This threat will allow them to control the world’s oil resources and use it as a political weapon. The oil will bring great wealth to that region.

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